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Michael Ruell - Owner -  Mike started Ruell's over twelve years ago and has been there in the growth of the company from a general maintenance company to the current hardscape/landscape contracting company of today.  Mike is always looking for better ways to serve his customer base and stays on the cutting edge of products and services in this industry.  Mike is committed to this business and seeing it grow to a large regional presence while maintaining that trusted relationship between contractor and customer.

Tim Keenan - Foreman - Tim joined Ruell's in 2007 and has been instrumental in taking the company to the next level.  Tim brings not only knowledge of the hardscape and concrete services but a general business acumen not often seen in this industry.  Tim is often the first person the customer meets and the last they see when they engage Ruell's on a project.  This continuity allows for clear communications between customer and contractor.

Seasonal Employees - In this industry seasonal employment is a requirement of a successful business.  At Ruell's we have several experienced seasonal employees that have been with us for many years.  These employees are relied upon to deliver the uncompromising quality of workmanship we require and we do not compromise in the hiring of seasonal employees.

Residential - The mainstay of our customer base is our residential clients.  Our residential clients demand the best from us and we are more than up to that challenge.  The exterior of the home is the first impression people see, can add to the overall value of your property and finally can be that oasis for you and your family.  At Ruell's we are committed to making your residence as functional and beautiful as it can be.

Commercial - Ruell's has a long list of commercial partners that we provide our complete line of services in new and remodeling projects.  Our understanding of working in conjunction with other contractors and timely and concise communication to the general contractor keeps us on the top of the list of contractors to call for excavation, landscape and hardscape services.

Township/Local Authorities - When major reconstruction and neighborhood improvement projects are begun by townships and municipalities Ruell's name is considered immediatley.  We understand the needs and requirements that are demanded of contractors when working with townships/municipalities. 

Our total commitment to quality shows in our design and landscape service.  From private and commercial clients to Local Authorities, our reputation is our best advertisement!!  We provide the SWEAT in every job we do.

Service - You deserve a landscape company that is responsive to you! Our team is directly responsible for scheduling, production, and quality control. As a result, they will react quickly and efficiently to your request.

Warranty - You will receive a warranty on workmanship of 60 months on all hardscape and concrete work performed.  We do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work from start to finish.

Experience - Ruell's Landscape has 25 years of experience - Let us help You.

Attention to Detail - The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is "that little extra". Our extensive knowledge of landscape, hardscape and excavation services allows us to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.  

Teamwork - We are a team of professionals who demand excellence and provide quality beyond expectations. Ruell Landscape will work with you to meet your goals.